David Weiss

An on-air radio veteran of more than 25 years, there is little David Weiss HASN’T done in his broadcast career; From his days in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where he was a news & sports anchor, as well as host of a live matchmaking dating show, to his native Long Island, New York where he hosted a #1-rated morning show for more than 13 years. Wherever David’s career has taken him, he’s been active in the community, emceeing charity functions and getting involved in the lives of his listeners. As an avid golfer, he’s been known as the “King of the Charity Golf Outing”, with an all-time highlight of losing his grip on a golf club and smashing the windshield of a hole-in-one prize car situated behind the tee box. True story. That experience, among others, enables David to bring his unique perspective to the airwaves every day.

“Slice of Life” with David Weiss can be heard weekday mornings about 7:45